About Me

Hello my name is Erin and I love fashion. Simple as that.

But for a more elaborate take on my life, I am 26 years old and living in Utah where I was born and raised! I love this state because we have four amazing seasons and it allows me to pack any type of clothing item into my closet. I would definitely say my style is a combination of girly and trendy, but I love to push the limit.

I graduated from the University of Utah from the Business College with a degree in Marketing. I was also a die-hard member of my Sorority, Delta Gamma, and I am currently the Alumni Recruitment Chair.

By day, I work for a local Marketing Agency (that I love) and by night I am a fashion blogger ­čÖé



11 comments on About Me

  • marc

    its amzing

  • Ava Penrod

    I really like your blog! Your blog is wonderful´╝ü

  • Ava Penrod

    Your blog is wonderful´╝ü

  • esther pio

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  • esther pio

    Hi I sent an email. hope you can collaborate with us You and Pio

  • Ankara

    Oh wow… I’ve been wondering who runs this blog, you’re doing a good job here and yes Utah is a very nice state to live. Plus the seasons apparently makes life pleasant

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