Hello all my favorite Fashion Canvas readers, I am off to the beautiful country of ITALY!!!!
(I think that statement totally deserved four exclamation marks lol)

I am excited to start touring the beautiful country, eating wonderful food, exploring the ancient ruins and beautiful countryside and of course taking in all of the exquisite fashion that surrounds Italian women and men.

My mom, dad and I are flying into Bologna, IT to meet my brother (who has been traveling abroad in Europe for the last 6 weeks…lucky guy!) and then we are off.


Our first stop is to Venice! I think the ghandala rides, strolling by the river, music and eating gelato are some of the must things I will do while there!



After that, we take on the beautiful town of Florence! I think this may be the one I am most excited for. I hear it is the embodiment of Italy and it is exactly what you picture for an italian vacation. Our one planned event is that we will be seeing The David while there, but what I really want to go is the Gucci and Fendi outlet located right outside of the city 😉



Our next travel stop is the most famous in the Italian land and it is known as Rome! I can’t wait to celebrate my dad’s 60th BIRTHDAY there while we sit along the Trevi Fountain, sipping an espresso and taking in the majestic view of all the historic landmarks.



Last but not least, on the last days of our Italian stay, we will be venturing into the country. I can’t wait to stroll the streets of the tiny towns, finding local cuisine and shops to explore. We are hoping to get down to the fishing towns of Cinque Terre if we have time, so wish me luck!!



I will still be blogging, but not as frequently over the next two weeks, so if you would love to see my Italian adventures, make sure to follow @thefashioncanvas on Instagram for all of my fun photo uploads!

Arrivederci dolls!!