Beautifully Bronze



If you have ever seen my blog, you know I love a good tan. While I am never one for the tanning beds, I am a total advocate for sunless tanning options! I am routinely getting a spray tan because it makes me feel thinner, toned and more confident. The only downside to sprays, is that they leave you feeling sticky and smelly.

So when I was introduced to the Endless Glow tanning product at Beautifully Bronze Salon, I was amazed!

At Beautifully Bronze, you are sprayed by hand with the Endless Glow machine (leaving impeccable results). This was the most even spray tan I had ever received. And Ashley (the owner) was able to customize to my body by spraying certain areas more or less, rather than just have an automatic machine do all of the work.

And the best part was, there was NO SMELL after!! I mean I can put up with the product getting on my sheets at night, and having a few streaks, but it is the smell that makes me feel uncomfortable and noticed by those around me. So to see this result was amazing!

Ashley did my spray tan right before my trip to California and I was able to shower that next morning and still feel like I had great color! The treatment ended up lasting almost a week for me before I noticed the fading 🙂



Above are pictures to let you see the true color differences and results

(some photos were taken from the Beautifully Bronze site)





As you can see, I felt like I was almost glowing my whole trip, I even got a compliment from a few of my friends on how natural this tan looked. I am seriously HOOKED, and won’t do anything but this type of tanning routine.

If you are in the Utah area, make sure to contact Ashley and book your next appointment now!

They are $25 each, or 5 for $100, and if you mention The Fashion Canvas on booking, she will give you $5 off.

Plus don’t forget to get a punchcard, for every 5 tans, the 6th one is free!