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So I have been a little MIA lately.

I am not going to lie, life took over for a little bit and it was hard for me to balance everything. Sometimes when you have things come up in your personal life, it is good to prioritize, and I decided to take a few weeks to focus a little bit on different life projects rather than the blog. In the last few weeks, I was working a ton at my day job as a Marketing Supervisor, planning for a vacation (and then going on the vacation last week) and finishing what I would call my “Closet Room”.

I still live at home with my parents (I may have Peter Pan syndrome and never want to grow up), or it may be that I prefer spending my money on vacations and clothing, rather than a mortgage for now, so I figure if I have the opportunity, then why not.

Today, you can take a little look into my new space! I decided to make the space EXTREMELY different from my bedroom (which is mostly neutral), and add lots of color. I figured a room like this is meant to be fun and girly, so why not add feminine touches everywhere?

Today I decided to chill out in my favorite pair of socks EVER by Woven Pear (seriously how cute is that Narwhal print?) and browse through my Chatbooks collection. As probably most of you are, I am obsessed with photos and Instagram! So what is better, than to combine those two elements! They send you a 60 page book of your latest Instagram posts, and in the process they allow you to pick a cover photo, include captions, locations and also eliminate any photos you may not feel are “print-worthy”.

I decided to print out all of my photos since I first stated my blogging adventure and it was so fun to see where I have come from! To take a look back at some of my very first photos, made me laugh a little (those filters and light effects look a little dated now lol). But it allowed me to reminisce and take a step back and realize why I do this blog every day. I do it because I LOVE it. No, I don’t make millions of dollars, and no I don’t have 100’s of thousands of followers, but I do it for me and the joy it brings me to see what I can come up with next.

I hope all of you can find something that you are truly passionate about and at least just try it. You may be the biggest success ever, or you may fail miserably, but they key is, is that until you try, you’ll never know!

Happy Monday and thank you all again for reading everyday, it means everything and more!