Dainty Gold Jewelry Finds

If you were to look at my style back when I was in college or my 20’s, you would have seen me decked out in BIG bling. I loved all things big, and lots of layers. I am talking J.Crew, Forever21 and every chucky necklace or bracelet you could find.

Fast forward to my 30’s and now I am obsessed with all things Dainty! While I will still throw on a statement jewelry piece now and then, I actually prefer to keep my jewlery simple and I have invested in some pieces that I love.

If you are looking for some quality pieces, I recommed looking through these categories for rings, necklaces or bracelets (or shop some of my exact pieces below). Some of my favorite jewelery companies for dainty gold or silver jewelry include AuRate, Tiffany’s, BaubleBar fine jewelry, and Uncommon James.
Rings : Dainty Gold Rings
Necklaces : Dainty Gold Necklaces
Bracelets : Dainty Gold Bracelets 

  • My rose gold diamond bracelet was given to me as a present for my wedding by my husband. It is a piece that I wear every day and I with it being so dainty, it allows for me to wear it on a constant basis.
  • My new bracelet matches my absolute favorite rose gold diamond necklace. I have had this necklace for a few years, and I kid you not, I wear it every single day! It is great, because I can layer any piece over it, so if I want more of a statement I will throw on this gold link necklace or this collar necklace.
  • I love this ring I got from a local boutique, Banks Jewelry. My gold bubble ring is one that I got at an eent they put on this Fall. It was fun being able to checkout a new designer and I love shopping local and supporting small businesses run by women. Another gold ring that I wear all the time actually has a stone very similar to my birthstone and can be be found here.

I hope that you were a little inspired today and will think about going on a personal journey to find your best jewelry style for yourself! Just go out on a ledge and try new things or a new style, you will be surprised what you find and what you like.

Also, if you are wondering about any of the clothing pieces that I wore in this look, here are the details.
Dress : Amazon ~ Jacket : Zara (very similar) ~ Shoes : Vince Camuto

Thanks, and happy shopping!

*This blog post is in collaboration with Responsival!