Diamonds are a girls best friend!

By the title of my blog post, you will probably quickly figure out what is on my mind lately…and let me tell you, it is Diamonds!

I got married this last weekend and I cannot stop staring at my ring (I know that I have had  it for over a year, but for some reason it feels different on my finger now that it means I am a married woman).  But although I am wearing a larger rock on  that left hand 😉 lol…when it comes to the rest of my jewlery, I actually prefer smaller diamond pieces. I usually love anything that is extremely dainty and could compliment most any other accessories, from necklaces to braclets to earrings. Some of the pieces that I am wearing in this post are my absolute favorite accessories, and have a very special meaning to me.

  • My rose gold diamond bracelet was just given to me this last weekend as a wedding gift from my darling fiance. I was so shocked when I opened it, and knew instantly it would be a forever staple on my arm. And I definitely want to keep this to pass down to my daughter on her wedding day 🙂
  • My new bracelet matches my absolute favorite rose gold diamond necklace. I have had this necklace for a few years, and I kid you not, I wear it every single day!
  • My diamond earrings were actually a gift from my mother when I graduated from college! They are so extremely special to me because they remind me of such an epic accomplishment and were the first diamonds I had ever received. They are a staple in my wardrobe because they are elegant, classic and go with any outfit.
  • Finally, my wedding ring is my favortie piece of all time! I will cherish this forever. And while I have been contemplating if I want a wedding band, I decided to hold off until I knew exactly what I wanted. I am torn between a traditional pave band, or maybe do something interesting and throw in a vintage aspect to the ring with other jewels.

On a side note, not only is it a week of love for me, but also a week of love for my friend who is getting married as well, and that is why you will notice some of the Henna tattoos on my left hand. She is having a traditional Pakistani weding and we started the celebrations with a Mehndi Party that was full of delicious food, lots of colorful outfits, and plenty of celebration! I am adoring tht my left hand is not only adorned with my favorite ring, but also another symbol of adjoining and marriage.

I hope I gave you some diamond and jewelry inspiration today and that you will think about the “forever” pieces in your life. And moving forward, I also say, buy things of value, as you will cherish and appreciate them for what seems like a lifetime.


*This blog post is in collaboration with Responsival!