#holidayhair with Hair2wear

During this holiday season, I know you are all wanting to look absolutely fabulous, especially since it is a time where you are seeing lots of friends and family!

One way to take your look to the next level is by incorporating some festive and easy hair pieces for some chic #holidayhair! While extensions can be intimidating for a lot of people, I have found a solution that is easy for anyone to manage.

The Christie Brinkley Hair2wear extensions are an amazing fast clip-in process and are always ready to go to elevate your current look.

Below I have highlighted my two favorite products, the 16″ extension piece and the clip-in pony.




// Hair2wear 16″ Curled Clip-In Extensions //

Since these pieces are already pre-curled, they take two minutes to clip in and go. Because my hair is a little thinner, and because of the varying colors, I actually pulled a “Christie” by layering two different colors on top of each other. (Christie actually does this quite often for added volume and dimension).  

Although I kept my curls simple to really highlight the style, other fun holiday inspired looks would be to add a some accent pieces like headbands, sparkly bobby pins or a fancy hair barrette. 

I am wearing the Light Blonde and Medium Golden Blonde extensions together!





// The Pony Extension //

This pony extension has been my go-to piece for the last few weeks. Whenever I am in a rush in the morning or have to attend a last minute event, I throw my hair into a simple high ponytail and clip the “perfect pony” over the top for maximum volume and style. 

For the holidays, I thought it would be fun to dress up the simple pony by creating some loose tendrils in front and adding a festive ribbon in the back.

This is a quick and easy solution that makes you ready-to-go in less than 30 seconds! And come on, who else doesn’t want “pony envy” from every other girl in the room 😉

I am wearing the light blonde pony piece! 


I hope you all have a chance to check out this brand and remember that they are recently being carried in your local Sally Beauty stores, which makes it easy to stop by, compare hair colors and leave with your perfect match just in time for any upcoming holiday event!

Also, make sure to tune in next week to get outfit details on both of my holiday inspired looks you saw here today.

Happy Holidays!

Brought to you in collaboration with Hair2wear!
Photo By : Nina Tekwani