My favorite gold necklaces + must have spring accessories

Over the past few years, my style has changed DRAMATICALLY, and with that, it also means my accessory style has evolved. I remember when all I used to wear was large, chunky, jeweled necklaces, and now I have done a 180, because basically all I want to wear are dainty gold necklaces that are barely there. The nice thing about these necklaces, is that you can find pieces that meet any style budget. While lately I like to pick quality over quantity, my budget doesn’t always meet that. In the above pictures, I styled a beautiful high end bezel diamond necklace, a mid range evil eye necklace, and a less expensive disc necklace. It’s just a reminder, that you should mix and match pieces. Not all of them need to be expensive, but maybe you get one really quality piece, and layer it with a few other inexpensive options. And don’t forget, layering is key! And sometimes the more the better, or even try lots of different lengths to add subtle drama to any outfit.

More necklace options :

The one thing that hasn’t changed, is my love for GOLD. I think it is very important to really evaluate your skin tone and determine which metals look best with your complexion. I have a lot of red/pink undertones to my skin, so my go-to metals are either gold or rose gold. While I do wear nice silver pieces (hello David Yurman), I tend to focus on gold pieces around my face. You can never go wrong with some simple gold hoops or if you are into drama, these petal earrings are to die for.

More earring options :

What are some of your favorite accessories for Spring? While I obviously focus on rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, I am really intrigued with all of the new hair pieces that are a combination of function and style. It seems that accessories are continually stepping up their game, and I think they are truly the thing that can make or break an outfit.  I have had some outfits that only came together after the accessories were chosen.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any pieces you need to share with me! I am always looking for inspiration, and who better to ask, then all you followers!


*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!

6 comments on My favorite gold necklaces + must have spring accessories

  • Fashion Lover

    So beautiful! Love all your combinations.
    Inspiring me to purchase new, fine necklaces I can layer 🙂

  • Rose

    I love how you layered different length necklaces with each other, it really adds to your outfit!

  • Jaclyn

    All of the jewelry that you have on is so pretty. It all looks so well paired with that white blazer! A dainty gold necklace is always a great way to tie a look together:)

  • Jade

    These dainty gold necklaces are beautiful and they are perfect for layering. The evil eye necklace adds such a cool touch!

  • Madison

    Love those dainty gold necklaces you have! So simple and cute.

  • HongChing

    I love the necklace choices. By pairing them up with simple necklaces is more than a statement necklace can do.

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