Stacks on stacks on stacks of Gold Necklaces!

Amazon Sweat SuitLayered NecklacesAmazon Sweat SuitLayered Gold Necklaces - AuRate, Baublebar, Amazon AuRate Huggies Earrings

Can you believe it is finally Spring? This last year we have gone through a lot of ups and downs, so the idea that spring is going to be bringing warmer weather, more sunshine, and lots of blooms gets me so so so excited. I look at it as a reason to get outside and do things with friends and family!

…but until that happens, you may still see me curled up in my favorite sweat suits haha (Exhibit A – all my above photos)! But even though I am still living in all my comfies, it doesn’t mean it has to be BORING! So to spice mine up, I love to make sure I am still accessorizing even the most casual of outfits and giving every look that extra pop.

The reason that I like to accessorize my loungewear, is because it can really elevate even the simplest of looks. And this way it takes a basic outfit you commonly see at home to something you could wear out and about. This is the year of seeing lots of girls on instagram, tiktok (you name it!) wearing their favorite oversized sweats with a cute crop top, sneakers, a beanie and of course lots and lots of jewelry…especially gold jewelry with a whole bunch of layered necklaces! While you can find varying degrees of gold jewelry from inexpensive to expensive places, one of my favorite jewelry sites can be found here…especially if you are looking for a quality place, but with more affordable prices than you would see in most high-end jewelry shops. Also, since I have a lot of red/pink undertones to my skin, my go-to metals are either gold or rose gold. Some of my favorite pieces include this gold chain necklace from amazon, this little chain necklace vs this heavier chain necklace and the best news is that they all pair with these dainty diamond huggie earrings (seen above).

In high school and college, I was all about that bling and heavy jewelry (hello J.Crew). But as of late, dainty jewelry has been my go-to selection (as you can tell from my OOTD). The reason for this, is I think it is much easier to stack dainty jewelry and really create texture and combine a lot of different elements for an interesting look.

What do you prefer?

Tell me in the comments if you would be more likely to wear the necklaces in
Option 1, Option 2 or Option 3?

Gold Necklaces - Baublebar, AuRate, J.Crew


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