The Fashion Canvas!

So I am starting a blog! EEEEEK

I decided that I needed to do something for myself lately that I enjoyed. I thought about all of the things that made me happy and I kept coming back to fashion. I love mixing items, trends, fabrics, and think it is a way that truly helps me express who I am as a person.

I figure maybe I can provide some inspiration to people, or if nothing else, give me something fun to do and think about when life can feel so monotonous. When thinking about my blog, I couldn’t quite come up with a name? I wanted something that didn’t classify me in any way. And so “The Fashion Canvas” was born. In essence, with each outfit, I am creating a canvas of looks that epitomizes my style.

I am excited to start blogging and think it will be a good release in life. I am referred to as a “Marketing Barbie” in my daily job, so hopefully I can become “Blogging Barbie” as well 🙂