With Love…

Mark Knudson 1958-2013

I am writing this post because the world lost a great man this week. My sweet Uncle passed away this week after suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. He was diagnosed two years ago, and I feel so blessed that he was able to spend so much more time with us than expected.

Death seems like such an unfair thing sometimes and it puts into perspective what is truly important in life. I sometimes think, if only I could lose weight, or oh I wish I had that pair of shoes, or life is unfair, then I realize how fortunate I am compared to so many in this world. And helps me remember to be grateful for the blessings you have and to treasure every moment.

He was a man that lived every day to its fullest and I want to continue on his attitude every day.

I will miss you always Merky, and although your body is gone, your soul will be with me forever!

“The Blonde” – as he called me.