Off-the-shoulder Dress at the Farmer’s Market





Dress : ASOS (getting THIS and THIS) ~ Shoes : Converse ~
Hat : Forever21 ~ Sunglasses : similar

This weekend I ventured down to the Farmer’s Market with my mom to pick up some fresh produce. I had all the intentions of leaving with bags full of fresh peaches, ripe tomatoes and sweet corn (and instead I left with Kettle Corn haha). Part of the reason I skipped on all the produce is that I realized that morning my dad had already stocked up and decided not to duplicate efforts.

So even though it was not a needed trip, it was still fun to walk around and do some people watching, look at all the vendors products and and catch up on some good quality time with my mama.

If you live in Salt Lake, here are some good farmer’s markets to stop by this summer. Don’t forget to go soon, this is the best time of the year for the best produce!

Downtown Farmer’s Market – Saturday mornings
Wheeler Farm Market – Sunday mornings
Sugarhouse Market – Friday evenings