Review – Cool Body Sculpting with Trilogy Medical Spa

If any of you happen to follow my Instagram, or saw this post a few weeks ago, You may have noticed that I had a procedure called CoolScuplting done by Trilogy Medical Spa. This is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical and non-evasive fat reduction system!

My Results : 


I don’t know about all of you, but my love handles (technical word is Flanks) are the most stubborn things in the world (they probably get it from me, since I definitely have a stubborn side), and never seem to go down in size, even when I am dieting and working out. Since they are such a strong, dense muscle, it is a pretty common problem area for many girls. So when deciding to do this elective surgery, I thought that would be the best area to target on me. If that area doesn’t bother you, some other common areas of focus tend to be the lower abdominal area (tummy pouch), inner and outer thighs and even your arms!

The trick with CoolScultping, is that the technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill your stubborn fat cells! This procedure actually sheds and eliminates those dead cells, and therefore it is a permanent solution, since your fat literally shrinks in that area!

Here is a full re-cap of my experience :

About a week before my procedure, I met for my consultation at Trilogy Medical Spa in Murray, Utah! I was extremely impressed by their spa and staff. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. Once the consultation began, I had them look at my flank area to make sure that I was a candidate for the procedure (turns out I had enough fat to suck away, so we were all good lol). I left the appointment with tons of packets on the spa and also the procedure, so that I could completely read up on what to expect and what the results could be.

I woke up that next Sunday morning and was slightly nervous for the procedure that day, although I knew this was not a surgical operation, you never know what it will feel like for sure! I had read some reviews online that the process was a little uncomfortable, but pretty pain free. Upon arrival, they checked me in, took my measurements, took before photos and then began the procedure. They put a small (almost vacum-like) device on me that felt like a suction cup. Once it was suctioned on me, it then started cooling down my skin and I had to sit for about an hour with the device on each side. The first ten minutes felt a little like something was pulling on my skin, but I was completely relieved that it was much more tolerable than expected! It was so easy, that I was joking with the staff, telling stories and laughing while sitting there. Once each side was done, they massaged the area to loosen up the cold skin and I was able to take a quick break.

Once both sides were complete, the Trilogy assistants went over the post-procedure information to let me know what to expect and who to call if I needed anything! They let me know that they would be right there for me if I need, which was really comforting since I had never had anything like this done.

For the next few days, I was able to still go to work and made sure to bring ice packs with me! Since I work full time at a marketing agency, it made it very convenient that I didn’t have to miss any work and could carry on normal activity (the only thing, is that I did avoid the gym for about a week, since the areas were tender and I was nervous about putting too much stress on that area).

They tell you that you won’t see results for 6-12 weeks. Currently I am at about 6 weeks after the treatment and I am LOVING what I am noticing already! Although it is not a huge drastic change, I have noticed my clothes fitting better around the waistline and less bulging above my workout pants! I have heard that the Flanks can be one area that don’t shrink as drastically as some of the other targeted areas like lower abdomen, so I can only imagine how great it would be to get that area done as well!

If you are someone like me, who eats relatively healthy (except I can never resist a brownie lol) and you work out on a consistent basis, but can’t seem to get rid of those problem areas, I would completely recommend this! It is a cheaper alternative to many of the techniques out there currently, and is such an easy process. All results can be different per individual, but I am super thrilled with mine! As you can see from the picture above, there is definitely less bulk in that area, and I am hoping it will maybe go down a little bit more over the next few weeks!

Make sure to go to Trilogy Medical Spa for more information, or visit the CoolSculpting website for more details. If you are in the Salt Lake area, here is the number to schedule your consultation today :

Also, the spa offers many other services, check out the image below of some of their monthly specials. Make sure to take advantage of these discounted prices during the month of March!


Hope you are able to check them out and have a fabulous weekend!!