Valentine’s Day Body Con Dress – with and without body shapewear

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! to be totally truthful, this post today was a little more on the vulnerable side for me. The reason for that, is because the world we live in today revolves around facetune, photoshop and plastic surgery, which can leave a lot of us feeling very insecure about how our body looks in person and now even on camera. And especially on a day like today, when we want to feel sexy and maybe wear something a little more tight or revealing, it makes you think more about your appearance or weight.

For V-Day this year, I was really excited about wearing this red dress that has been one of my staples for holidays because of the vibrant red color, until I took a look in the mirror and saw that it was not as flattering as it once had been (thank you very much holiday weight gain). Due to this, I was not feeling confident in my look, until I decided to try some body shapers that really made me feel confident in my own skin. I didn’t have to go through cosmetic procedures to feel secure that my stomach looked a little flatter and more sucked in that it had before. All I had to do was slip on some undergarments and it made a dramatic change for me.

Below I am showing some before and afters. And don’t get me wrong, I still love my body and skin in the before, but I don’t think it is ever bad to wear something that makes you feel more confident.

Without Body Shapewear and a Bralette : 

With Body Shapewear & A Supportive Bra

I am truly floored at the difference these SKIMS made in the way my dress fit my body. It sucked me in (in all the right places) and I felt like it smoothed everything out (including that annoying thing where your belly button shows through…hate that).  I actually had to order the size L/XL in the shapewear due to availability and was nervous they wouldn’t hold me in as well, since I would typically be a S/M, but I think they still worked awesome. I can’t imagine how sucked in I would have felt in in the smaller size (think I will be re-ordering another pair to see).


Dress (alternative) ~ Shapewear ~ Bras ~
Heels (cheaper pair) ~ Bag (cheaper alternative)

Not only did I get the shapwear, but I also got a couple of bras from the SKIMS line as well. I have been wearing them non-stop. I don’t think I realized how ill-fitting my older bras were until I tried these. They are so supportive and the material is genuinely so soft. I still like my bralettes for over-sized items or lounging, but you can’t go wrong with these.

You’ll notice even Winston liked the feel of these things 😉 haha

I think shapewear is something women are embracing more and more. And there are so many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from now. I am glad that I am able to regain back some of that confidence that sometimes we lose in our head, and wear that dress I was hoping to rock. But don’t think that will stop me from eating some chocolate covered strawberries tonight! haha


*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!